How do we increase your sales with gamification?

Mejora de resultados con gamificación de ventas

Motivation and results for commercial teams

We increase the performance of sales teams through the use of gamification. We combine games and technology to motivate and focus on business objectives. We do it by “gamifying”, using gaming techniques in a non game context. We work with large consumer and retail companies to improve their results. And we have managed to increase sales up to 20%.

Virtual adventures. Actual results.

We create virtual adventures to play with, which gives context to the actual work of the teams. These adventures are accessed through an app on a mobile phone. The success of the adventure is linked to the real business result. Do you want to increase sales? Gain distribution? Improve customer service? Achieve all these targets while your team climbs Mount Everest or car racing across 5 continents. Gamify their targets and let them play.

Clear objectives for sales teams

Lack of clear objectives is one of the main causes of team demotivation. There is no better way to establish objectives than using gamification techniques. Through gamification, we establish both the main target and those secondary objectives or microobjectives that will serve to achieve the main target. In this way, we increase the motivation of teams and help lead them to the appropriate actions.

Training to achieve results

In order to reach established goals, it is necessary to train the sales team. With the Playmotiv solution it is possible to train them within the sales dynamics themselves. Moreover commercial teams can practice the knowledge acquired while participating in the game.

Constant feedback to accompany the commercial team

Players receive constant feedback through points, ranking, prizes and push notifications. We work out intrinsic motivation, informing participants of how they are doing with respect to their objectives and with respect to other participants.

Prizes and rewards

Reward teams and participants at the same time that they reach their sales goals and keep motivation high. The platform can automatically generate codes to be exchanged at Amazon or simply order money transfers.

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Plataforma tecnológica de gamificación

Gamification platform

The entire adventure is managed from an automated digital platform, connected to the client’s systems and with a control “dashboard”. This platform, developed entirely by Playmotiv, is aimed at facilitating the incorporation of the dynamics of gamification into the day to day routine of the teams in a natural way.

Data to improve business decisions

With access to dashboard in real time. In addition, the platform allows incorporating questions for participants to obtain information about product, technology, human resources or about the consumer. It is very important to take into account the value information provided by the commercial team.

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