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Motivational team games.
We offer you “serious games” since company gamification, content your team and get better results… is a really serious issue.

Motivational games for sales teams

Gamification adventures for companies

Rallys, trips, mountain hiking, music talent shows or even a competition to clean our oceans from plastic. We share some examples of gamification that Playmotiv has developed to motivate sales teams.

Serious games for enterprises

Tailored gamification

Multiple genres and endless stories since imagination is the only limit for Playmotiv adventures. In our serious games for enterprises, combination of storytelling and technology allow us to build an emotional bond between tasks and executors through games. Their dynamics motivate players to bring out the best in their jobs, just because they enjoy the execution. It involves games for sellers but also for any team or group of professionals who need to get better at their engagement and productivity. This is the Playmotiv Games Menu.

What is a Serious Game
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Motivational games for enterprises

Grand rally across the 6 continents

A rally across the most impressive roads on Earth: from Antarctic to Sahara Desert through Tianmen Mountain, Giza pyramid complex and Russian Steppe to end with a heart-stopping race along New Zeland’s Ninety Miles Beach.

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Games that pursue business goals

Climbing the Everest

An expedition to the top of the world, where brave climbers will try to surmount the highest mountain in the world through the authentic South Col: from Sherpa border to Khumbu icefall through the Silent Valley and the Dead Zone to, finally, face world’s roof.

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Some of our games dynamics

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