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Lluis Costa, Managing Business Partner of MARS Iberia

"Gamification is the way to incentivize the 21th Century ".

  • “gamification is the way to incentivize the 21th Century”
  • “Apart of growth, with gamification we have achieved the participation between the teams of our clients and our own”
  • “The level of commitment at Playmotiv is absolute”
  • “I would recommend the gamification with Playmotiv to any kind of  person who manages teams”
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Aumentar ventas con gamificación - Caso de éxito Gamificación para Empresas - Playmotiv
Games that pursue business objectives

Increase of sales with gamification

  • The average increase in sales of the teams that have worked with Playmotiv is 16%
  • 93.5% of the people who participated are satisfied with the use of gamification
  • The average ROI of the projects has been 100%
  • 12,000 users have participated so far
  • The platform is translated into 10 languages (includes Urdu and Chinese)
  • We have already developed more than 350 online games
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