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Gamification is a new way of motivating employees to achieve tangible results in
their satisfaction and for your resulting account.

At Playmotiv we offer gamification services to increase the efficiency of teams and its members.

We use digital tools to motivate people towards their goals, train them and obtain suitable results in order to continue improving.

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We are that team that focuses on achieving your goals. We have technology, expertise and, above all, attitude.

Because gamifying, deep down, is nothing more than putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and thinking about what makes you happy, how you can achieve through play that routine tasks become something fun and motivating.

We know that nothing can go wrong and that is why we make our technology cutting edge, storytelling designed just for your team, the data collected easily and without giving you a headache. We are there for you.
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Elements of Gamifications for Businesses

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Virtual Adventures

We use storytelling to create a suitable context and to make the protagonists stand out, getting inspired by our wide range of catalogue themes that can be adjusted to any kind of player.


We use a pre-profiling tool based on the clients’ needs to create a productive context that keeps us always on track.


To keep players engaged throughout the game, we create activities that produce feedback from them. We use various tools like creating intermediate stages or sending push texts to the phone.


Rewards are real rewards, participants value them and are motivated to get involved in the game to earn them, including Amazon code, wire transfers or free days to winners.


We compile easily understandable matches for people from any kind of business sector, we also provide training for the managers during the set-up.
Our platform is an excellent e-learning medium.


We work with an online platform that allows us to generate content and release it directly into the game app. This platform lends to a complete automatisation of the game and provides us with an absolute KPI tracking that can be checked from our dashboards.

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