Gamification for Healthcare

Achieve better sales using product development for your sales team and medical prescribers for customer loyalty and motivation.

Use training to increase your sales in pharmacies and medical prescriptions of your products

Gamification is a key element to train and engage the healthcare sector and it alone can increase sales up to 20%.

Impact more than 10,000 people at the same time, train your suppliers, pharmacists and other prescribing physicians through parallel games.

Get your sales network team to embrace the key elements of your product catalog.

Why use gamification in the healthcare sector?

1. Shine above your competition

A very innovative and creative way to engage with pharmacies and prescribing physicians that will gain the attention of the healthcare professionals saturated with meetings and tedious training courses.

2. Make them remember and recommend you

Position yourself above your competitors in the eyes of different healthcare professionals by establishing an emotional business relationship with them.

3. Efficient and dynamic training

Make the information about your products readily available to your prescribers and sales representatives by guaranteeing a greater knowledge retention through technology.

4. Quality impacts and assured results

Have your sales representatives engage as many prescribers in the game as possible, the more prescribers the bigger the sales.

5. Collect useful data for sales boosting

Obtain real-time feedback about the evolution of the training in order to identify which key elements can be applied during and after the game session.

How to increase pharmaceutical distribution sales >>>

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Strategies to boost sales in the healthcare sector

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E-learning for knowledge strengthening

Medical professionals and pharmacists will embrace the characteristics of your products through the game’s dynamics.

Product development as a sales tool

A deeper knowledge of your products will help your sales representatives sell more and will provide an easier engagement for future medical professionals.

Increase customer fidelity both short and long term

New strategies to improve the interactive implication of the participants improve the overall perception of the company and brand recognition.

Adaptable experiences to potentiate your catalog

We customize each game according to your sales goals and create customised training for your desired products.

Gamificación para Healthcare - Mejores ventas y prescripciones - Playmotiv

Our gamification solutions by sector

Impulse Channel

Improve the performance of your sales team. Engage your clients.


Boost customer loyalty and retention in the retail market.


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services

Hospitality Industry

Increase the performance of the sales persons.
Engage the customers.

Call Centers

Garantiza el conocimiento completo del producto.
Incrementa la productividad y ventas.


Incrementa la productividad y venta de los agentes.
Amplia el conocimiento en nuevos productos.

Other gamification areas

Sales gamification


Customer Loyalty gamification


Gamificación for Call Centers


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