Gamification for Insurance Companies

Increase the motivation of your agent team to achieve more sales and contract renewals by improving their product knowledge.

Deal with the projected 9% decrease in the insurance sector

The current crisis will have a major impact on the insurance sector similar to the GDP, expected to fall about 9% by 2020.

In a medium term, the competition will intensify within the insurance sector, causing captious pricing, rescue packages and withdrawals.

Thanks to gamification, insurance companies can increase their contracting up to 20% and potentiate the products renewal.

Advantages of gamification for insurance companies

1. Stabilize and boost your results

Cars, households, healthcare…Gamification is applicable to any kind of area and it provides positive results regardless of the crisis.

2. Keep your portfolio and get new clients

Strengthen your sales by helping your agents with effective tools they need in order to increase their contracting rate and contract renewals in a playful manner.

3. Stand out from the competition

During the recovery being leadoff in applying innovative sales strategies would place you in a unique position in a sector so competitive yet limited such as insurance.

4. Optimize your processes and save resources

Make the most bureaucratic tasks of your sales process become more interesting and get done in a faster and more efficient way through the dynamics of the game.

5. Stress Management

In times of crisis, mistakes are done. Motivate your employees and improve their engagement by rewarding their effort.

How to motivate employees during crisis >>>

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Strategies to boost financial companies

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Potentiate cross-selling sales

A client who buys various policies has less probability of canceling them. Make cross-selling sales the goal of the game.

Reduce time management

Administrative tasks can occupy 90% of the time of your employee. Collect data to improve management, be time-effective and sell even more.

Improved Sales Arguments

Get your employees to master intangible product features as that tend to be confusing, this way they will sell even more and better.

Competitiveness for result boosting

A healthy competitiveness between your team members will improve the cohesion of the company’s offices, sales and renewals.

Achievements and rewards

Motivate your team to overcome different goals in order to collect and to achieve different rewards (bonuses, gifts etc.).

You set the goals

Endorsing customer engagement, Improving cross-selling sales , finalizing renewals… Playmotiv’s adventures are adjustable to your needs.

Gamificación para aseguradoras - Incrementa la contratación de pólizas - Playmotiv

Our gamification solutions by sector


Motivate the Healthcare workers.
Educate the patients.
Consciousness for the people.

Impulse Channel

Improve the performance of your sales team. Engage your clients.


Boost customer loyalty and retention in the retail market.

Call Center

Guarantee a deep understanding of their product. Increase productivity and sales.

Hospitality Industry

Increase the performace of the sales persons.
Engage the customers.


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services

Other gamification areas

Sales gamification


Gamification for customer loyalty


Call Center gamification


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