Gamification solutions for Businesses

We develop specific actions to satisfy the needs of your employees and generate greater level of commitment.

Motivation and results for employees

At Playmotiv we boost the performance of sales teams through gamification. We combine game and technology to motivate and drive the focus on the companies’ goals. We do it by “gamifying”, which means, applying proper game techniques into non-gaming contexts. We work with companies of mass consumption to improve their results. We have increased their sales up to 20%.

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Virtual Adventures, real results

We create virtual adventures to play and compete. These adventures are available from a mobile app. The success of the adventure will depend on the achievement of real business results. Do you want to boost your sales? Win in distribution? Improve customer service? Achieve it while your team is climbing the Everest or while taking part in a rally through the 5 continents. Gamify these goals and make your business teams play.

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Clear goals for business teams

One of the most important cause in the demotivation of business teams is the lack of clear objectives. There is no better way of establishing goals than using proper game techniques. Through gamification we establish not only the principal objective but secondary and micro-objectives as well, these will serve a fundamental role to achieve the principal one. This way, we boost the motivation of business teams and guide them towards the right actions.

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Trainings to accomplish goals

In order to achieve those laid goals it is necessary to train the sales teams. With Playmotiv’s solution it is possible to train them within their own sales dynamics, in a way that the knowledge test becomes only another goal to evaluate during the adventure. Besides, sales teams can put their acquired knowledge into practice while participating in the game.

Continuous feedback to support sales team

The points, rankings and rewards allow players to follow every moment of their progress during the game. It boosts a healthy competition among the participants. It works on the intrinsic motivation of the sales teams, by keeping them informed about their performance regarding targets and etc. Acknowledgement converts into the teams’ dynamic.

Rewards for those who accomplish their goals

Reward teams and participants at the same time in order to keep their motivation high. The platform can automatically generate codes to be redeemed on Amazon or simply to make a money transfer.

Tip: how to plan better incentives >>>

Gamification platform

The whole adventure is managed through an automatized digital platform, connected to the clients’ system and with a dashboard. This platform, fully developed by Playmotiv is targeted to provide game dynamics adaptation for the sales teams step by step, on a natural way.


Dashboard to follow the evolution

With an access to the control panels in real-time tracking, the evolution of the game can be checked out at any moment. Besides, the platform allows you to incorporate questions to the participants to have an insight about their products, technology, human resources, and consumers. It is very important to have in mind that information contributes a huge value for business teams.

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          Our gamification solutions by sector


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services


Boost the customer fidelity and the retention of your customers in the retail market.


Motivate the Healthcare workers.
Educate the patients.
Consciousness for the people.


Improve the performance of your sales team.
Engage your clients.

Call Center

Gurantee a deep understanding of the product.
Increase productivity and sales.


Increase the productivity and the sales of your business agents.
Expand the knowledge in new products.

                  Other gamification areas

Sales gamification


Call Center Gamification


Customer Loyalty gamification


Gamification for Impulse Channel


Elements of Gamifications for Businesses

I Want to Know More

Virtual adventures

We use storytelling to create a suitable context and to make the protagonists stand out, getting inspired by our wide range of catalogue themes that can be adjusted to any kind of player.

  • CREATION: virtual adventures that give content for the work of business teams.
  • FOLLOW UPS: mobile App. The success of the adventure is linked to real business results.
  • MANAGEMENT: Automatized digital platform, connected to the clients’ system and with a dashboard.


We use a pre-profiling tool based on the clients’ needs to create a productive context that keeps us always on track.

  • These experiences are linked to real business KPIs
  • Individual and/or team goals
  • Inclusion of intermediate goals (flyers, sprints) to drive the motivation towards suitable goals.


In order to keep players engaged throughout the game, we create activities that produce feedback from them. We use various tools:

  • Creation of intermediate stages
  • Push messages directly to cell phones based on positioning in rankings and contents


Rewards are real rewards, participants value them and are motivated to engage in the game in order to earn them.

  • redeemable Amazon codes
  • direct wire transfers to winners
  • physical gifts


We compile easily understandable matches for people from any kind of business sector, we also provide training for the managers during the set-up. Our platform is an excellent e-learning medium.

We provide technical support for the adventures, via phone and email, not only for the client but also for the participants in order to solve any kind of enquiries regarding the use of the App.


We work with an online platform that allows us to generate and release contents directly into the game app.

  • Our platform lends to a complete automatization of the game
  • Temporary milestone follow-ups and messages to transmit
  • Full KPIs tracking, available through our dashboard

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