Gamification for Hospitality Industry

Boost the motivation of your distribution teams to enhance their loyalty and to increase your benefits.

Gamification can improve sales in food service and in the hospitality industry distribution channel

Due to the difficulties of today’s Horeca’s distribution channel depends very mucho on scheduling and innovation.

Costumers are more and more demanding and thus collaboration between Horeca companies, and their suppliers is a key element to engage them.

A trustworthy partnership between suppliers and companies like catering and hospitality strengthens this sector. Boost it through gamification.

Advantages of gamifying Food Service and Hospitality Industry 

1. Shine above your competitors

Through gamification your brands will position themselves above your competitors in the customer’s mind.

2. Train your suppliers y clients

The Horeca channel has digitalized all its inner procedures, yet it still has some work left in sales capacity and product training.

3. Earn the loyalty of your Horeca clients and reward them

Potentiate and reward the implication of your restaurateurs and hotel managers within your brand through simple challenges and outstanding rewards while you help them grow their business.

Discover more about gamification for Customer Loyalty >>>

4. Reinforce the launching of new products

Make your new products gain the attention and visibility they deserve in their release, not only between your Hospitality Industry clients but among consumers too.

Product launching, use gamification to succeed…>>>

5. Measure the level of service between your team

We convert your KPIs into measurable goals. Monitoring to evaluate the level of service, sales procedures and team progress.

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Strategies to boost sales in the hospitality industry 

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Customized and clear goals

New clients, improvements in the quantity of the orders, introduction to launching products…We create a game with goals based on your needs, in a very effective way.

Real-time tracking

Monitoriza los resultados para mantener a tus distribuidores enfocados en los objetivos marcados. Gracias a las alertas del sistema podrás corregir cualquier desviación al momento.

Obtaining key strategic elements

Gathering information through gamification can be used to improve procedures, to identify business opportunities and to perform better trading arguments.

Connect your brand to a story

Through story-telling you can create real ideas around your products, to improve the engagement, the identification and the memory of your brand.

Gamifica en distribución para restaurantes y bares - Playmotiv

Our gamificatin solutions by sector


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services.

Impulse Channel

Improve the performance of your sales team. Engage your clients.


Motivate the Healthcare workers.
Educate the patients.
Consciousness for the people.


Boost customer fidelity and retention in the retail market.

Call Center

Guarantee a deep understading of the product.
Increase productivity and sales.


Increase the productivity and the sales of your business agents.
Expand the knowledge in new products.

Other areas of gamification

Gamification for sales


Gamification for customer loyalty


Gamification for Call Centers


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