Gamification in retail

Make your retail store sales grow up to 20% encouraging and rewarding your sellers engagement

Motivate your retail store teams through incentives and get real results

Gamification helps to boost sales of a large retail chain and contributes to motivate all your retailers even if they are part of different teams in several geographic points.

Use technology to achieve your sales goals to the detail: you will improve the outcome of all your establishments and will obtain useful data about the performance of each sale point.

Using an enhanced rewards program, we develop tailored experiences to inspire employees.

5 key aspects for retail gamification

1. Gamification will help you to obtain a Perfect Store.

Thanks to gamification games you can improve your product positioning in a more dynamic and efficient way, offering a much positive customer experience.

2. Supervise tasks and processes through gamification

Boast a better control in your sales points through gamification activities and the data they collect. The retail sector has never been so fun.

3. Competition between stores in a positive environment

Your retail stores teams will engage in healthy competition in order to improve their productivity. Moreover, your employees will feel more individually rewarded.

how we organize a motivation dynamic >>>

4. Gamification incentivises customer service

With the goal of reaching bigger targets, your team will be more motivated to offer better customer service. Your in-store customer experience will improve through gamification.

5. Gamification encourages the commitment of your sales assistants

Help awaken the interest and commitment of sales department employees, sales assistants, managers, visual specialists, area supervisors, through our gameplay dynamics.

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Strategies to increase sales in a retail store

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Control the sales strategies in your retail stores

Increase sales by analyzing the whole retail process. Take control of every step of the sale, gain the involvement of the different departments and improve their engagement.

An adventure for you company on every level

Rewards are meant for the whole store and staff but also supervisors. They can lead their teams or manage the game matches. If you want, our team of experts can take care of the tracking and evaluation of the experience.

A different experience for every store and team

We create a project that better aligns with your business plans and necessities. Our team of experts will help you draw the best action plan for each of your sales points.

A platform adapted to your calendar

We adjust our adventures based on your peak sales, nationality of business strategies. We can align the gamification goals to your changing strategy on command.

Gamificación para retail - Venta al detalle - Playmotiv

Our gamification solutions by sector


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services

Impulse Channel

Boost the customer fidelity and the retention of your customers in the retail market


Motivate the Healthcare workers.
Educate the patients.
Consciousness for the people.


Improve the performance of your sales team.
Engage your clients.

Call Center

Guarantee a deep understanding of the product.
Increase productivity and sales.


Increase the productivity and the sales of your business agents.
Expand the knowledge in new products.

Other gamification areas

Gamification for sales


Gamification for customer loyalty


Gamification for Call Center


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Ready to sell up to 20% more motivating your team?