Gamification for Impulse Channel

Encourage a sales increase with a well structured program that keeps your distributors

Motivate and train your supply network distributors optimizing the incentive programs.

Manufacturers are fighting to win the attention of their distributors and business partners. The increase in competion make it harder to establish a long-lasting partnership with suppliers, based on preference for their products.

By choosing gamification, you develop a strategy plan focusing on rewarding the positive behaviors of your distributors.

Our gamification plaform keeps the activity of your suppliers on track and allows you to analyze how they respond to public campaigns. This way, you can improve your interactions and impulse your key performance indicators.

Why using gamification for impulse channel?

1.Evaluate and improve your channel metrics

Finally, you can obtain a real-time data perspective on achieving your goals. Do you want to improve and increase sales KPIs? Empower your network of partners and get them to be more productive.

2. Make sales training easier

Learning: Acquisition of knowledge through studying, practice or experience. With gamification you help your chain of suppliers develop their abilities. Training means a mutually beneficial affiliate program, win-win for everyone.

3. Increase your distribution channel base

Motivate your sales network to store and sell more of your brand products. We provide you with mechanisms to reward over achieving sales and provide sales discounts above the agreed level.

How to boost the sales in Impulse Channel >>>

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Benefits of gamification for Impulse Channel

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Define your supplier’s key sales and KPI

Identify the behaviors that lead your supplier to success and define the 4 key indicators of the dashboard. It is the way for a bigger productivity for your network of suppliers. Based on the evolution of their performances and their commitment with the brand and their products.

Keep distributors focus on what matters

With Playmotiv you can inform distributors about which products and actions they should be focusing on to sell more and reward the channel which achieves more recommendations and repeated sales. Nothing motivates the strategy more than mutual benefit.

Encourage with motivation, motivate with visibility

Playmotiv provides supervisors and managing directors with insight on the performance of sales people in relation to their objectives. With gamification you support your distributor’s team providing a tracking on their efficiency.

Real-time tracking

Sales real-time tracking data makes visibility of the results simple. Our alert system helps you keep your suppliers on track to achieve their weekly goals, mistakes are fixed right away.

Providing relevant information for managing directors

Playmotiv provides sales managers and customers with tracking reports on real-time KPIs and periodical summaries about the performance of their teams so that they can identify possible mistakes and course correct.

An accessible incentives tool

Your supplier can log in to Playmotiv from anywhere (computers, tablets, or mobile phones). Both platform administration and login are available from any device.

Take your wholesaler’s performance to the next level

01. Accelerates innovation

And transform the workspace into a more productive and less tedious environment.

02. Generate a positive feeling

Fostering a feeling of achievement, stimulating the correct actions, generating efficiency and productivity.

03. Improve with your partners

You will be able to apply what you have learned in each of the game dynamics, you will discover strengths and weaknesses of the members of the channel and you can propose improvement actions.

Our gamification solutions by sector


Expand the knowledge of the new products and services


Boost the customer fidelity and the retention of your customers in the retail market


Motivate the Healthcare workers.
Educate the patients.
Consciousness for the people.

Impulse Channel

Improve the performance of your sales team.
Engage your clients.

Call Center

Guarantee a deep understanding of the product.
Increase productivity and sales.


Increase the productivity and the sales of your business agents.
Expand the knowledge in new products.

Other gamification areas

Sales gamification


Customer Loyalty gamification


Call Center gamification


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