Gamification for companies as the solution for managers’ lack of time

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Managing sales teams is a task that requires knowledge, dedication and time and, in addition, if you want to motivate and reward your teams properly you may think that you have an arduous task ahead. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

Do you want to reward up to 7,000 people simultaneously without dying in the process? Gamify your teams with Playmotiv

Playmotiv makes these tasks automatic so they do not mean more work for the managers. We listen to you, we analyse the type of commercial network you have, and we research what are the elements that can motivate them the most and their profile in order to develop a tailor-made story.

From this point on, the game is designed and predefined because gamifying for companies is just extracting the full potential of game dynamics to make your team to achieve their goals in the way that motivates them the most. We develop the motivational games for your sales team by employing our practical knowledge and ability in the design of the most attractive and effective game dynamics to improve their motivation and engagement.

Technical support, a key element of gamification for companies

Thinking about responding to each problem that may occur and the time it will take to solve them is an obstacle to start gamification mechanics. Do not worry, we take care of problem management.

Player support is managed centrally

Our customer service team is responsible for resolving all doubts and problems, both technical and related to prizes and rewards.

Data load is managed directly with the sales network

Sales managers do not have to act as intermediaries, the distributors directly send us the data through a direct contact with the Playmotiv platform, and we verify that they have been loaded correctly in the system and that they are reliable. In other words, once the game has started you will not have to worry about the technical aspects of its evolution, you will only be surprised because sales will be evolving properly and your team members will feel more rewarded.

Our processes ensure the reliability of gamification data

It is important to ensure that the data obtained are of your interest as the manager of the commercial team, that they are related to the followed KPIs by the sellers or distribution network and, in addition, that correct data are obtained in the collection process.

Before developing any game, we start with the requirement gathering in order to verify that goals, metrics and KPIs are aligned. There are rules to ensure the reliability of the data according to these requirements that allow us to quickly detect anomalies and discrepancies. In that case, alarm mechanisms are activated and we carry out the appropriate checks.

Gamifying different sales teams simultaneously

If you want to carry out a large volume of games simultaneously, we are able to do so. We have developed games in which up to 40 different teams were playing at the same time. One part of them belonged to the company’s direct sales network, and the other part to the distribution network.

Manager usually have to think about the motivation tools for the internal sales network and the distribution network. We must keep in mind that these tools have to be developed for many sales points and they have to be translated into different languages ​​and cultures such as Chinese or Urdu. 

Playmotiv centralizes all management tasks in a single tool, which is translated in up to 10 languages. We have developed games for our clients that involve more than 7,000 people at the same time, including commercial teams and sales points.

Are you willing to do all this to improve your results up to 20%? Gamify your teams with Playmotiv