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When gamification jumps out of the screen

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Gamificar antes de empezar a jugar - Gamificación para empresas - Playmotiv

This is how we turn Playmotiv games into real, creative, fun, and effective experiences


Diagnosis of the problem

We realised that explaining the dynamics and how the games work to the teams can be challenging for the Project Leaders. We always include clear, direct, and adapted instructions with our gamifications, but, in fact, reading instructions is not an attractive activity. So many players disregard them. Unfortunately, this is the reason why some participants leave the games: they feel lost in the platform or in the games dynamics.

Explaining these dynamics in a clear, simple, direct and interesting way is not always a simple task that Project Leaders have to carry out.

In order to get the most of a gamification, it is necessary that players know how the dynamics work, what the goals are, and what they can obtain if they achieve them. This is why, in Playmotiv, we pose a new challenge: arising participants’ interest and curiosity before the start of the game.

Playmotiv’s solution: turning instructions into experiences

We are aware that pressing the “play” button and watching a two-minute video is much more appealing than reading this article; however, can you imagine that the person who appears in the video in a funny and innovative situation is your “boss”? Interest would probably increase a lot. So creating an audio-visual product where Project Leaders explain the games dynamics in a different and creative way seems to be a good idea, right?

We came up with the idea of turning the games instructions into enjoyable experiences for Project Leaders and players. 

One of the main goals of any gamification is to encourage the relationships between teams and the informal interactions between co-workers. The result of involving Project Leaders into creative tasks is not only the reinforcement of their role and their leadership, but it also gives them visibility between the rest of the employees and it shows their willingness to apply a creative and innovative leadership.

A filming day at the office

When we proposed our idea to the Impulse Activation Managers, they did not hesitate to take part in the experience. Our content team wrote a detailed script with the actions and the dialogues of the scenes. We also made a storyboard in order to help them to imagine the final outcome. Afterwards, we prepared the required equipment to start with the filming and turn it into a memorable and productive experience.

The Impulse Activation Managers became actors for one day and they starred in the introductory video of the game.

We placed our film set (lights, staging, cameras…) in a multi-purpose room for greater comfort during the recreation of a rally race. The Activation Manager of Danone Waters and the game organiser, Ivette Asensio, recalls: “I was really comfortable during the filming. It was really funny and we laughed a lot! It took several hours to finish the filming because we had to repeat the first scenes, but it was not boring at all.”

The outcome: fun-filled process and better engagement

Ivette summarises the experience as follows: “I am really satisfied with the result. The video is a useful resource, it was very innovative and it managed to summarise the goal of the game in a clear way. Besides, it is a different way to motivate teams.”

The feedback of the video was positive: “Players and colleagues found it very amusing. In my opinion, the best part about the filming was the environment. It was a very positive experience and I would definitely recommend it and, of course, I would repeat it again“, she says.

You can watch here the making of the video. We hope you enjoy it!

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