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Playmotiv continues increasing its catalogue of motivational games for teams

Today we are sharing some examples of games created by Playmotiv in order to motivate different teams to achieve their goals.

We offer numerous genres and infinite stories because imagination is the only limit to Playmotiv’s adventures. Thanks to storytelling and technology, our games create emotional connections, they offer challenges, and the players feel motivated to do their best at work. The games are aimed at companies, especially to the sales-oriented ones, but they are not exclusive for commercial teams; they can also be used by teams or professionals who need to improve their engagement and performance.  These are some examples of games that Playmotiv suggests in order to motivate teams.

– The Great Rally of the Six Continents

Can you imagine travelling along the most astonishing roads of the planet? From the Antarctica to the Sahara Desert, passing through the Tianmen Mountain, the Giza Pyramids and the Russian Steppe; the end is at the Ninety-Mile Beach in New Zealand.

– Climbing to Everest 

An expedition to the top of the world where the bravest climbers will try to summit the highest mountain in the world through the real South Col route: from the Sherpa border to the Khumbu Icefall, passing through the Valley of Silence and the Death Zone, the last step to conquer the sky.

– Champions of the League  

The Sales United Club, considered as the most recent stand-out team, is playing in the Champions League this season. Players will have to face not only the best European teams but also pressure, nervousness, and injuries, to make it to the end and win the cup to become the best team ever.

– Great Spanish Rally 

This rally will show the most impressive landscapes of Spain. Discover the Coast of Cantabria, the Pyrenees Range, the Extremadura Meadows, the Canary Islands or the Mediterranean Sea with some genuine rally routes and others specially created for this game.

– Triathlon  

This sporting event includes swimming (4km), cycling (180km), and running (42km). Players will feel like real triathletes and they will personally experience the nerves of the competition, the physical and mental exhaustion, the challenge to overcome their own limits, and the excitement of victory and success. 

These are some of the games that we have created to encourage teams to achieve their goals. We have our own brilliant team of content creators who are capable of creating personalized games and perfectly adapted to the participants and their goals. The players must download an app in their smartphones in order to play these company games. In this way, for example, teams who are climbing the Everest will promptly receive exciting content and the compliance of the daily goals is rewarded with prizes.

The games can be configured to be played individually, where there is only one winner, or in teams, where group effort will be essential to achieve the goals. This is the reason why these games are advisable to encourage “team building”, and improve the bonds and commitment between team members.

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in the games for companies

These games can improve the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of the teams involved. Depending on the members of the teams, their roles, and their dynamics, it is possible to encourage public acknowledgment and the status of the members, or it possible to motivate teams with incentives, which have to be automatically delivered through the app.

This way, thanks to these games designed for companies, we improve the efficiency of all kinds of teams adapting the games to their specific needs.

If you want to know how our gamification dynamics work, please check this post.